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certified by the IICRC Institue

Wally's Carpet Cleaning provide a diverse range of professional carpet cleaning services to clients spanning the residential, commercial, manufacturing, education, health, aged care and Industrial sectors across the entire Sydney Metropolitan area.

Wally's Carpet Cleaning is powered by a team of highly well-trained technicians and experts in carpet cleaning. We clean to Australian National Standars proudly certified by the IICRC Institue of inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification Standards. Our professional carpet cleaners are highly skilled and equipped with the latest equipment ensuring the highest level of productivity and efficiency when servicing our clients. More | +

This Registrant has:

  • Qualified by service and examination with a satisfactory score to ascertain their competency.
  • Demonstrated a thorough and working knowledge of cleaning and restoration techniques to the satisfaction of an approved IICRC instructor.
  • Pledged themselves to strive constantly to promote the goodwill of those they serve and to use their best talents to preserve by proper care the properties of their customers.
  • Agreed to subscribe and continue an effective training program approved by IICRC to upgrade themselves as a true professional.
  • Pledged to hold above all else honesty and thorough workmanship in all their customer relations.
(Look for a cleaner who has a current IICRC Certification Card, listing their qualifications and training. Ask to see their card and check that it is current.)

Important Information: Unfortunately because the Carpet Cleaning Industry is unregulated we recommend that you do the following checks before hiring a technician to clean your carpet:

  • Check How many years experience do they have
  • Check if they are IICRC Certified (you should check that their certificate is current)
  • Check if they GUARANTEE their services.
  • Check if they are fully Insured (You may ask to see Current Insurance Certificates)
  • Check if they use Bio degradable chemicals when possible
  • Check if their equipment is new and in perfect working order.

We at Wally’s Carpet cleaning have over 15 years experience in cleaning carpet we also meet all the above criteria and a lot more, To view our current IICRC Certified, Insurance Policies or for any other advice, please email your request or query through to info@wallyscarpetcleaning.com.au, alternatively you may call us on 1300 134 104.

100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back

Every thing we do at Wally's Carpet Cleaning is designed to achieve one very important outcome, your absolute satisfaction, that's why all our work is backed with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. More | +

The Most Detailed Clean Ever in Sydney…Or it's Free!

We offer all our customers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

If you are not happy with the final finish, and you don't feel our cleaning is the most detailed you have ever seen, we will clean the affected areas or items again for free. If for any reason you are still not satisfied, we will refund all your money.

To Guarantee our highest level of cleaning services, we use customer surveys and we constantly monitor our work and should any area fail to meet our strict cleaning standards, it will be corrected immediately.

We Guarantee our skilled technicians attention to every detail and the use of our top quality products will provide you with the best results possible every time.

Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S)

Workplace health and safety is everyone's responsibility. Wally's Carpet Cleaning implements stringent Occupational Health & Safety practices, aiming to ensure safe working environments, prevent injury, and eliminate fatalities.

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Wallys Carpet Cleaning is Fully Insured & Certified

- Public Liability up to $10 million.
- NSW Worker's Compensation
- Occupational Health & Safety
- I.I.C.R.C Certification.

Insurance / Occupational Health & Safety

Wally's Carpet Cleaning Pty Ltd, has Public Liability Insurance in place, that will provide both parties with total protection in the event of an accident.

Our Public liability insurance protects us and our business against the financial risk of being found liable to a third party (you), for death or injury, loss or damage of property or ‘pure economic' loss resulting from our negligence. This Insurance cover not only protects our members against an unforeseen financial burden, but also gives peace of mind to the consumer should the unexpected happen.

NSW Worker's Compensation: Our duty as an employer include complying with health and safety laws, and complying with the many workplace regulations which have been put in place to make the workplace a safer environment and reduce the risk of work accidents occurring.

The OHS Code (Occupational Health & Safety) provides a clear process of risk management to assist duty holders to identify hazards, assess the risks and implement risk control measures.

Workplace health and safety is everyone's responsibility. Wally's Carpet Cleaning implements stringent Occupational Health & Safety practices, aiming to ensure safe working environments, prevent injury, and eliminate fatalities.

Wally's Carpet Cleaning is pro-active in its approach to:

  • Promote and secure workplace health and safety
  • Reduce, eliminate, and control hazards
  • Encourage co-operation and consultation between employees, contractors and associations
  • Promote occupational health and safety education and raise awareness
Wally's Carpet Cleaning Pty Ltd employ a safety system in compliance with the OH&S Act to develop and educate its employees.

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