Anti Static Carpet Treatment

Wally’s Carpet Cleaning provides an anti-static treatment for all your carpets. In today’s high-tech environment with a strong emphasis on OH&S responsibilities this treatment is recommended for all offices and warehouses. Our anti-static treatments contain no solvents or cationic surfactants which cause sticky residues that pick up soil and attract dust.

Our Anti-Static solution is bio-degradable and environmentally friendly.

Static is created by friction between carpet fibres and moving objects, such as shoes or electrical field currents from electronic equipment such as computers. It is often most prevalent on nylon floors. Air conditioning and low humidity especially within offices and warehouses create ideal conditions for the build-up of static. While static shocks are not dangerous to your staff, usually causing only a mild discomfort, they do present a danger to sensitive office equipment, which can actually be damaged by a static shock.

  • Our anti-static treatment prevents the build-up of static and therefore drastically reduces the chances of your staff or your equipment receiving a shock.
  • The treatment lasts for approximately 6 to 9 months, though in some extreme circumstances it may need to be repeated earlier, and definitely needs to be repeated after cleaning the carpet.
  • The treatment is quick and is usually done out of office hours.
  • The carpet should be dry and the office able to be used within an hour or so of the treatment being completed. There are no harmful side effects of anti-static treatments.