Hard Surface Pressure Cleaning

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Hard Surface Pressure Cleaning

Wally’s Carpet Cleaning provide a comprehensive range of high quality professional exterior cleaning solutions to the domestic, commercial, industrial and retail sectors.

Pathways and Stairs in particular, must be cleaned regularly to prevent the build up of slippery moss, algae and dirt, creating a slipping hazard.

Wally’s High Pressure cleaning, utilises water in a high pressure form to remove surface layers of stains and foreign matter. High pressure water combined with special biodegradable chemicals, sanitises the surface, which vaporises mould & bacteria at a molecular level, breaking it’s bond with the surface, providing a longer lasting cleaner result.

Our Hard Floor High Pressure Cleaning Solution is Effective in Removing:

– Oil and Paint – Tyre Marks – Grime
– Mould – Algae Growth – Mud & Dirt

We Clean a Variety of Surfaces:

– Floors & Walls – Concrete – Driveways
– Patios – Footpaths – Bricks
– Sandstone – Pavers – Stencil Crete
– Tiles – Pool Sides – Fences
– Exterior House Washing – Fire Smoke Damage – Garbage Bin Areas
– Petrol Stations – Parking Lots – Shopping Centres

  • Wally’s Carpet Cleaning has, Sydney Water ‘Permit Water use Authorisation’ and is exempt from the current restriction on using water.
  • Wally’s Carpet Cleaning, strives to improve the appearance, safety and hygiene of your property today.
  • Our high pressure steam cleaning will restore your hard surfaces back to it’s original decretive colour, pattern and that immaculate like new appearance.
  • Our state-of-the-art high-pressure rotary surface cleaners are industrial quality machines that clean effectively without damaging the surfaces.
  • We pride ourselves on using the best and most reliable environmentally friendly equipment and chemicals, together with our professional experience to deliver a job well done.

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