Hard Surface Sealing

Wally’s Carpet Cleaning want to help you protect your valuable flooring investment by sanitising and cleaning out the deep down dirt and grime built up over time that sweeping and mopping simply will NOT accomplish at any of your residential or commercial premises.

As an additional service to you…

we can also seal your grout, patios and driveways to keep the soil from penetrating the pores and to protect them from deterioration.

Sealing your tiles will not stop them from getting dirty but will work by making what was once porous surface that would attract and draw in oils, waters, moulds etc, to now a treated surface that will repel these penetrates. In return your job of hosing, moping or sweeping will now be a lot more effective and easier.

Sealer penetrates outdoor concrete or tiles to seal and protect. Its unique formulation gives a tough surface layer, which resists extreme Australian weather conditions (sun, rain, cold) as well as dirt, grease and oil. It also helps prevent the growth of mould, mildew, etc. Its strong adhesive properties will help seal exposed aggregate and pebblecrete while strengthening surfaces against eroding and dusting.

When a sealer is applied, Treated indoor and outdoor surfaces become easier to clean, maintain, and keep looking good for longer.

Contact us for prompt, reliable, professional sealing, care and cleaning of your stone, concrete and tile surfaces.