Carpet Repair

Here at Wally’s Carpet Cleaning we have fully trained carpet layers on our team, offering a unique service specialising in top quality carpet repairs, patching, re-joining, re-stretching and much more…

To carry out a quality patch repair takes a master technician who strives for perfection to make it look as invisible as possible.

Wally’s Carpet Repairs Services Include:
– Rust Patch – Tears/Split Seams – Carpet joins
– Burn patch – Flowerpot holes – Stain patch
– Carpet underlay relaying – Carpet re-laying & power stretching – Carpet restoration
At Wally’s Carpet Cleaning, our focus is on best-practise. So we use only the highest quality of accredited, professional and reliable tradesmen to provide a first class service for all your commercial and residential needs, Sydney wide!