Sanitising & Deodorising

Carpet Sanitising & Deodorising

The need to disinfect, neutralise and remove stale odours in carpets and lounges, caused by bacteria, moulds, smoke, vomit, urine, perspiration, spoiled food stuff and other spillages is extremely important for your health.

Enjoy a more healthy home or office with our Sanitizing and Deodorizing Services. Well-maintained carpets and upholstery help ensure a healthy environment by reducing the amount of dust and allergens that are present. Wally’s Carpet Cleaning can apply a special deodoriser and sanitiser to reduce unhealthy bacteria in your carpets or upholstery.

Sanitiser is an anti-bacterial wash, which kills germs and attacks mildew damage as well as disinfecting your carpets or upholstery. Since people spend 90% of time indoors, the spread of harmful germs and toxic air pollutants pose a serious health risk.

Deoderiser takes care of most common smells, leaving the carpet or upholstery with a fresh smell. It eliminates the odors safely without masking them with harmful perfumes.

Can you imagine how many germs get trapped in your carpets and upholstery daily?

Get your carpets and furnishings professionally treated with our non-toxic, non-flammable sanitiser and deoderiser today, to improve the comfort and air quality of your home or office.