Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning 1140 x 430

Let Wally’s Carpet Cleaning give new life to your fabric furniture at your home or in your office. Our exclusive cleaning solution and powerful cleaning system gently restores your furniture to a beautiful look and feel you may not have thought possible.

We specialise in cleaning all cottons, Wool, Velvet, Micro Suede, Indian Cotton, and all common fabrics.

The experts at Wally’s Carpet Cleaning can restore the beauty and extend the life of your favorite upholstered furniture. Upholstered furniture uses more varied materials like wool, silk, rayon, cotton, nylon, acrylic and polyester. One cleaning process will not work on all upholstered furniture. Before cleaning process, special considerations such as colour, fastness, and residue from previous cleaning and shrinkage of fabric must be made. We will test a small area of your upholstery to be absolutely sure that no unexpected fabric damage or colour loss will occur.

We’ll provide the cleaning process that’s right for your particular upholstered fabric.

A Comprehensive Clean is meticulously completed on all areas of the furniture being cleaned, backs, fronts, sides, corners, arms, and of course the cushions are safely and hygienically deep cleaned, removing dirt and pollutants which are imbedded into the upholstery.

A like New Appearance: Upholstery fabric colours are revitalised, enhanced, and conditioned leaving your soft furnishings refreshed and hygienically clean. By having Wally’s Carpet Cleaning, clean your upholstery, you are not only ridding the fabric of soil, you help remove unhealthy allergens such as dust mites, animal and human hair and dander, plus mould and mildew spores. That helps your family breathe easier too!

Got spot stains on your sofa? Our highly trained technicians will take care of those too.

We use the best, non-toxic Agar washing solutions, to break down the oils and pollutants, followed by our market leading machinery to extract the dirt. We at Wally’s Carpet Cleaning understand the main areas of staining i.e. arms, seats and head rest. So these areas will get the extra attention.

TIP: Give your suite a regular vacuuming (using the hand tool on your vacuum cleaner) is a great way to keep your upholstery in good condition for much longer.

  • Steam cleaning your furnishings will add years to its life and most certainly freshen up the room’s decor and look. It is recommended that you steam clean your upholstery every 6 to 12 months to maintain its look, but also for hygiene reasons.
  • Fabric Protection is the professional choice for lounge suites and chairs in homes, offices, waiting rooms & commercial applications.
  • Sanitising the furniture is extremely important for your family’s health, as it is an anti-bacterial wash that will kill germs, attack mildew damage, as well as disinfecting your upholstery.
  • Deoderising the furniture will get rid of any tough odours caused by urine, vomit, smoke, and other spillages, leaving the furniture smelling fresh again.

For households with pets and children

We also recommend once cleaning is completed, that stain protection is applied. This is optional however applying this will help restore protective properties to your furniture, extending the life and making it easier to care for. It forms an invisible shield around each fibre, which resists soil and stains.

Your total satisfaction is always at the center of our efforts and we are absolutely sure that you will be happy with the end results!

Please contact Wally’s Carpet Cleaning today on 1300 134 104 to further discuss your upholstery needs.