Wally’s Carpet Cleaning Machinery & Equipment

Our professional Carpet Cleaners are highly skilled and equipped with the latest equipment ensuring the highest level of productivity and efficiency when serviceing our clients.

Prochem Truck Mount


We use the latest truck mounted machine, which generates its own power. Using the state-of-the-art, high performance, Legend GT Prochem truck mount machine, combined with our unique cleaning method, tackles even the most difficult problems. Our equipment can handle both residential and commercial cleaning jobs, leaving your carpets, upholstery and hard surface floors, spotless and hygienic.

We use the Hot Water Extraction method in conjunction with this type of equipment known as the Legeng Gt truck mount machine. The water in our equipment reaches high temperatures, helping to loosen the majority of soils. These soils can then be removed with the high vacuum generated by this same machine.

sebo-industrial-vacuum-cleanerSebo Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Our industrial strength vacuums don’t rely on bags or filters to trap dirt and dust. Instead they spin the dirt, dust, and pet hair from the airflow and into the bin. Our state of the art vacuums are highly effective, they don’t lose suction, so they remove more dirt, dust and pet hair from your environment. Also our vacuum cleaners are installed with HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters that traps the dust, so that it does not become airborne..


The HEPA standard demands that 99.97% of all particles (.3 microns or larger) must be captured by the filter media.

SEBO vacuums have received awards and recognition from Better Homes and Gardens, Consumer’s Digest, TIME, Real Simple, Wired Test and other magazines. The future-forward, technological breakthroughs in the science of cleaning are without precedent in this industry.

SEBO vacuums include S-class Hospital Grade Filtration. Excellent for users with allergies or asthma. They are also famous for removing pet hair effectively!

Tile Cleaning Machine


When cleaning tiles, we don’t use high pressure cleaning as this can damage loose grout or floor surfaces. Instead we utilise the world’s best equipment Prochem Turbo Hybrid cleaner with unique wash, scrub and dry technology. Using less water and detergents than any other tile cleaning machine. Hot water/detergent solution is injected with pressure, soil is suspended and wet vacuum simultaneously removes soil and excess moisture. It’s a combination of high water pressure and vacuum.

Complete recovery of waste wateralso means internal areas such as kitchens, living areas, restaurants,offices and showrooms can be cleaned using high pressure without damage to surrounding walls, furniture or appliances.

Hard Floor Pressure Cleaning Machine

Wally’s High Pressure cleaning, utilises water in a high pressure form to remove surface layers of stains and foreign matter. High pressure water combined with special biodegradable chemicals, sanitises the surface, which vaporises mould & bacteria at a molecular level, breaking it’s bond with the surface, providing a longer lasting cleaner result. This Hard Floor pressure cleaning machine allows the hot water and chemical cleaner to penetrate deeper into the surface and remove the dirt and grime.

Our Hard Floor High Pressure Cleaning Solution is Effective in Removing:

– Oil and Paint – Tyre Marks – Grime
– Mould – Algae Growth – Mud & Dirt

We Clean a Variety of Surfaces:

– Floors & Walls – Concrete – Driveways
– Patios – Footpaths – Bricks
– Sandstone – Pavers/td> – Stencil Crete
– Tiles – Pool Sides – Fences
– Exterior House Washing – Fire Smoke Damage – Garbage Bin Areas
– Petrol Stations – Parking Lots – Shopping Centres

Wally’s Water Damage Restoration Equipment

At Wally’s Carpet Cleaning, we use only the latest in drying technology. From the truck mounted vacuums to the dehumidification and air moving machines, we use the top of the line equipment to dry everything fast and get you back to normal sooner.

Truck Mounted Vacuum Machines


We use truck mounted vacuum machines with at least 20 horsepower to extract all standing water thoroughly and quickly. Some companies use smaller portable machines that don’t have near the vacuum power or airflow that is essential to removing the most water. The more water that is removed and the faster it is removed, the less water damage there will be. The structure and contents won’t be in standing water as long, and the water in hidden areas behind walls will drain more completely so it too can be vacuumed. At Wally’s Carpet Cleaning we believe that water extraction is a critical step in successfully drying and restoring a structure, and should only be done with the best and most powerful equipment.

Low Grain Technology Dehumidifiers


Although less expensive equipment is available, Wally’s carpet Cleaning only uses the new Low Grain technology dehumidifiers to dry homes and businesses. These dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air, up to 28 gallons a day per machine, and enable the structure and contents to dry faster, just as something dries much faster in the dessert than in a humid climate. Dehumidifiers also keep the humidity of the entire affected area low enough to prevent secondary water damage from condensation and the growth of mould. As the water in a wet area begins to evaporate, the air becomes saturated and moisture begins to condense on other surfaces just as it does in a bathroom with a hot shower running. In a short time this will cause secondary water damage.

Low Grain Dehumidifiers pull in air from the affected areas and remove more grains of water from the air. The super dried air with the low grain count of water is then directed to the wettest areas. Another advantage of this new technology is that the machines run much more quietly, enabling you to carry on with your life or business with minimal disruption.

High Volume Air Movers


As the dehumidifiers produce super dry air, Wally’s Carpet Cleaning uses high volume air movers to deliver that air to the wet areas that need it most. These powerful but quit air movers each move 2,700 cubic feet of air per minute. The moisture saturated air at the surface of the wet structural materials and contents is constantly being replaced by the super dry air produced by the dehumidifiers. This process exponentially increases the speed at which everything dries. The high volume air movers also have the power to force this air into the wet areas that are hidden or inaccessible, like behind walls. The combination of the right dehumidifiers and air movers ensure a fast, thorough drying process.

We only use cleaning products that are safe for children, pregnant women, pets, and the environment and every member of our team is trained in cleaning techniques for efficient and spotless solutions everytime.