Tips & Care Guidelines

Wally’s Carpet Cleaning Tips & Care Guidelines


The single most important thing you can do in caring for your upholstery and carpet is vacuuming thoroughly and frequently, especially in high-traffic areas. Vacuum your carpets at least once a week, entrances and major corridors, should be vacuumed at least once a day- most carpet dirt is loose and removable with regular vacuuming. Walking on soiled carpet works soil particles deep into the pile where they not only damage the fibres but are far more difficult to remove, and dull the carpet’s appearance. Frequent vacuuming removes many of these particles before this happens. Always use a good vacuum cleaner. The less expensive models pick up only surface dirt and do little to prolong the life or beauty of your carpet in the long run.

Reduction of soiling

The use of walk-off mats at transition areas from hard surfaces to carpet is important. Walk-off mats can greatly reduce the amount of soil entering a facility by normal traffic. They are also necessary at service entrances with direct contact to the outside, from the hard surface area in a kitchen to the carpet dining area in a restaurant, or at entrances from plant facilities into the offices.

Shoes Off

Have people remove their shoes when entering your home. Even though the soles may be clean they carry fine particles and oily substances from outside which can damage the carpet and age it.

Take care of spills immediately

Remove stains immediately after they occur. Follow the manufacturer’s directions or use a carpet cleaner solution. Stains once set can be difficult to remove and nothing will age your carpets faster than a bunch of stains. Most stains, yes even the difficult ones, can be lifted if the proper procedures are followed.

Please ask us about our stain away product-spot stain remover

Get it professionally steam cleaned periodically

Vacuuming is effective in removing most of the dry soil from your carpets. However, periodic professional steam cleaning is highly recommended to remove the oily, sticky soil that accumulates in the pile from tracked-in dirt, air pollution and even cooking vapours. Dirt wears away at the carpet and upholstery fibres. Steam cleaning of carpets and upholstery also dramatically minimises dust mites which feed on dead skin scales that build up in the carpet or upholstery fabric. Dust Mite droppings can trigger attacks of asthma and hay fever and are linked to eczema, sinusitis and middle ear infections. Carpet & Upholstery in a typical home should be professionally steam cleaned every 6-12 months.

The more dirt left on the carpet and upholstery the more damage to the carpet and upholstery fibres.

Rotate your furniture

Rotate your furniture occasionally to prevent premature carpet wear and soiling in regular traffic areas of your house.

First Aid for Spills and Stains

The below method of dealing with accidents covers most of the everyday spills that occur in the home.

  1. Act quickly. If liquid, blot up as much as possible with a clean absorbent cloth or tissue. If solid, scrape up as much as possible with a spoon or the blunt edge of a knife.
  2. Using a clean sponge or white cloth, mop up the remaining spill carefully, working from the edges of the spill towards the centre. Never over wet, scrub or rub too hard.
  3. Blot dry with a new pad or absorbent white cloth or tissue.
  4. Reset the carpet or upholstery pile before it dries with a soft brush.

when attempting any type of spot removal be sure you do not rub the stain and NEVER put too much cleaning chemicals on the stain.

The more you spray on the stain the more it seeps into the backing of your carpets, upholstery, or whatever you’re trying to spot clean. This may also lock the stain in your carpet or fabric fibres.

Please ask us about our spot stain remover-stain away.

For special treatment of some more difficult spills and stains, see chart below.

Type of stain Stain Remedy
Solvent Soluble Stains Tar
Oil Paint
Chewing Gum
Food Oils
Candle Wax
Marking Pen
Shoe Polish
Methylated Spirits or Lighter Fluid
Tannin Stains from the Ground Red Wine
Soft Drinks
Urine (fresh)
Orange Juice
Tomato Sauce
Red Ink
Vinegar (Wine-Use Absorbent powder e.g. salt or talc. Sprinkle on spillage, leave overnight and vacuum next day.)
Protein Stains – Alkali Soluble Eggs
General food
Water Stains
Use to remove final trade of colour from:
Orange Juice
Call Professionals if unsuccessful
Borax (1 part to 10 parts water)
Rust Stains Apply directly to stain. Call Professionals if unsuccessful. Lemon Juice

Disclaimer: While every care has been taken to ascertain the effectiveness of these suggestions for Carpet/Upholstery spotting, Wally’s Carpet Cleaning shall not be liable for any loss or damage to property as a result of this advice.

Safety Hints

  • Plastic coasters prevent furniture stains on carpets. Please leave them until the carpet is dry.
  • Try to avoid stepping over hoses. You may trip.
  • Flat bottomed or sealed based objects may cause damage. Please leave them off the carpet until it is dry.
  • Hard floors are slippery when walking off wet carpet. Please walk carefully.
  • Please keep children and pets away from the van. We carry a lot of chemicals.
  • If your lounge has been cleaned, leave cushions off until dry. Staining may occur.

Important Information

  • Remember spots are easiest removed when fresh.
  • Have your carpet and upholstery professionally cleaned every 6-12 months.
  • DO NOT USE do-it-yourself wet shampooing or dry cleaning methods on carpets. They can leave a residue which actually attracts and holds dirt.
  • Ask Wally’s Carpet Cleaning about your specific cleaning requirements.

Not all stains are removable, however at Wally’s Carpet Cleaning we guarantee that if we can’t remove a stain that no one else will be able to remove it either. (This does not include bleaching or dying.)